Spot Forex

OTC Spot Foreign Exchange
(Spot Forex)

The Forex market is the biggest and most liquid financial market in the world with a daily volume of more than $5 trillion. The Forex market is neither bound by a physical location nor a central exchange. It is deemed an Over-the-Counter (OTC) market, due to the fact that the entire market is continuously run electronically, within an electronic network.

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Why Trade Forex?

  • No middlemen
  • 24 hours trading
  • High levels of liquidity
  • Commission free trading
  • Profit potential in falling/raising market
  • High leverage
  • Free demo account,
  • Free news, charts and analysis

Why Trade Forex with ICM Capital?

ICM Capital offers more than 60 currency pairs including, major FX currency pairs, minor FX currency pairs, FX crosses, and exotic FX currency pairs.

Our advanced platforms use the ECN/STP model to provide you with direct access to Forex markets and give you the opportunity to trade Forex with tight spreads, fast execution, and deep liquidity, and to offer you the best trading experience with full transparency.

  • Direct access to the FX market
  • Tight fixed/variable spreads
  • Fast execution with No re-quotes
  • Deep liquidity & market depth
  • Trade from PC & mobile
  • Trade with expert advisor
  • Trade with no restrictions
  • Free VPS available
  • High leverage
  • Micro lots
  • Swap free
  • No Commissions
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